Sascha Schumann

Sascha Schumann

Sascha Schumann is founder and principal consultant of Soprado, the creators of DDoS protection service myracloud. With myracloud pages load faster, and our smart filtering plus massive bandwidth protect your website from attacks. Soprado's MyraCache is one of the most advanced Magento Cache. It is also known as Myra Cache or Myra-Cache accelerating Magento 10 to 100 times. Soprado also offers IPv6 migration support.

Sascha is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. The ASF produces fine software such as the widely-known Apache web server. He also actively participates in the PHP Group which oversees the well-being of the popular OpenSource language PHP.

Sascha speaks at international conferences on various topics. Most recently he gave a session on enhancing legacy systems with PHP at the Intl. PHP Con 2010 in Mainz. Past engagements include the PHP Kongress 2000 (extending PHP), intl. PHP Con 2001 (architecture of IRCG) and 2002 (full-day Apache 2.0 tutorial). He also was at the intl. PHP Con 2003 in Amsterdam where he spoke about IP protection and creation of real-time web applications.

German: DDoS-Schutz und CDN aus einer Hand bietet myracloud.

Hintergrundinfos gibt es ausserdem beim DDoS-Abwehr-Blog.

If you want to increase Magento conversion, consider using MyraCache. Today, Sascha focuses on optimizing and implementing opensource-based solutions for enterprise customers (e.g. E.ON, Mietwagen Sixt).

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f: +49 (0) 89 75 40 88 33
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