Current version: e2sl-0.1.tar.gz, released on June 10th 2000

The Ext2 Superblock Locator can help you to find the superblock of your ext2 partition. I wrote this tool, because an unnamed OS installer screwed up the partition table of my harddisk. Of course, I had no idea on which exact block number the partition started.

This is a very simply tool with a simply user interface. It will compile on all Linux systems. If your system supports LFS, it will be automatically activated (this allows searching larger harddisks).

To use it, download the current tarball, unpack it, cd into the e2sl-x.x directory and run make.

NOTE: Manually changing the partition table is very risky. Never make a change to a partition table without backing it up on a disk. It will save both, your data and your day.

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