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Sep 2nd, 2003, IRCG 4 Gamma 23, including FastCGI support. Check out the change list.

Jul 8th, 2003, Great new IRCG 4 release. Check out the new features of Gamma 21.

Jun 18th, 2003, IRCG 4 Gamma 19 released, adapting FreeBSD's efficient malloc implementation for shared memory. All the troubles caused by depending on mm are gone now.

Jun 11th, 2003, IRCG 4 XML Streaming Demo shows how useful IRCG 4 can be for your real-time multi-user applications.

Jun 4th, 2003, IRCG 4 Gamma 18 released, including some new features. Details here. Also note the initial XMLSocket example for ActionScript interaction.

Enterprise IRCG

What is IRCG?

IRCG is the solution for delivering XML messages to huge numbers of clients in real-time. IRCG leverages the power of established IRC products and the OpenSource language PHP for providing low-latency message streams over persistent HTTP connections. Time-proven technology and an easy to adapt scripting language forge a strong synergy which reduces the time-to-market and maximizes the value of existing hardware investments.

Typical applications of IRCG include online gaming communities and chat systems. IRCG is fully compatible with the ActionScript XMLSocket technology found in Flash-enabled clients.

Just how fast is IRCG?

IRCG delivers >1M messages per minute

IRCG handles >1.5M logins per hour

1 Enterprise IRCG instance on a P4-2GHz server. IRCG scales horizontally to meet your needs.

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