Release History of IRCG 4

IRCG 4 Gamma 23

  • Added support for FastCGI
  • Added support for the PHP FastCGI SAPI
  • Added ircg.keep_alive_interval to define the interval in seconds between sending keep-alive sequences (default 60s)
  • Fixed a tiny bug which caused a dead HTTP connection to be read multiple times unnecessarily

IRCG 4 Gamma 22

  • Fixed incomplete relocation callback map

IRCG 4 Gamma 21

  • Added ircg_lusers(int connection)
  • Added ircg_names(int connection, string channel [, string target])
  • Added ircg_oper(int connection, string name, string password)
  • Added ircg_list(int connection, string channel)
  • Added support for RPL_LUSER*, RPL_YOUREOPER, various ERR_*
  • Added HTML-encoding of all data sources (%c etc.)
  • Added highest used fd/maximum open fds info to phpinfo()

IRCG 4 Gamma 20

  • Fixed parameter offset when handling normal IRC error messages, so that the message text is passed through to PHP.
  • Added three new format messages for NOTICE handling.

IRCG 4 Gamma 19

  • Improved shared memory handling by adapting FreeBSD's malloc.c for our needs. This should improve (a) performance, (b) portability, (c) stability.
  • Fixed a memory error handling in POST request handling

IRCG 4 Gamma 18

  • Added handling of arbitrary RGB colors in IRC message scanner
  • Added ERR_CHANNELISFULL error code
  • Increased maximum nickname length to 255

IRCG 4 Gamma 17

  • Improved binary safety of ircg_register_format_messages

IRCG 4 Gamma 16

  • Improved portability to SRV4-based systems (e.g. Solaris)
  • Added checks and corresponding warnings to ircg_set_current/file, so that improper use does not result in unexpected behaviour.
  • Fixed locking issue with utility functions - ircg_whois, channel_mode, topic, who, invite, kick, notice
  • Fixed ircg_disconnect issue

IRCG 4 Gamma 15

  • Added a warning to ircg_set_current - the function needs to be called before any output is generated by your PHP scripts.
  • Switched public builds to use poll instead of select.

IRCG 4 Gamma 14

  • Added support for Apache HTTP Server 2.0
  • Added support for IBM HTTP Server 1.3
  • Added bidirectional data support (e.g. for Flash XMLSocket) using ircg_set_on_read_data()
  • Fixed ircg_set_file()

IRCG 4 Gamma 12

  • Improved format message handling
  • Added ircg.max_format_message_sets INI setting
  • Fixed garbage output after URLs
  • Improved Pre-PHP 4.3.2 compatibility: Binaries are linked against libdl

IRCG 4 Gamma 11

  • Added Pre-PHP 4.3.2 compatibility
  • Fixed a possible segfault during apachectl configtest

IRCG 4 Gamma 10

  • Added integrated DNS lookup cache
  • Added round-robin DNS handling for load distribution
  • Added multi-IP iterator, in case servers are unreachable. This will try all IPs associated with a DNS entry, if necessary, before giving up.
  • Added spin locks-based locking (PostgreSQL-like)
  • Added strategic buffer size limitation (WB_EXCEEDED_BUFSIZE)
  • Improved phpinfo() output

IRCG 4 Beta 8

  • Fixed a Linux 2.2 compatibility issue in the semaphore subsystem

IRCG 4 Beta 7

  • Initial public release
  • IRCG is now hot-swappable: Update IRCG without interrupting the chat.
  • Fully compatible with multi-process web servers
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