pcfclock driver

This is a FreeBSD driver for the radio clocks 642002 and 967602 sold by Conrad Electronics for about 20 Euro. These radio clocks are useful for synchronizing your local time to CET. You can use this driver with userland tools to periodically set your local time or you can use it with ntp.

This driver was committed to FreeBSD 4.0-current on 19 Jan 2000.

To enable it, add the following line to your kernel configuration:

device pcfclock0

The ntpd in -current is recent enough and already contains the pcfclock ntp driver. Add the following line to your ntp.conf file:

# n is the parallel port number, beginning with 0
server 127.127.35.n
userland tools

Andreas Voegele has developed userland tools to access the kernel driver interface. You can find these on his homepage.

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