Premium thttpd

Premium thttpd is a fast, secure, non-blocking, multiplexing web server. By leveraging operating system optimizations and O(1) algorithms for all common operations, it outperforms next to all web servers on the market. For dynamic content, Premium thttpd supports FastCGI, giving access to all wide-spread dynamic technologies. This couples unparalleled web acceleration with the most flexible way of serving dynamic content.

Premium thttpd provides a clear migration path for companies deploying the original thttpd or HTTP accelerators like TUX. Supported operating systems include Linux, Solaris, AIX, and FreeBSD.

Premium thttpd is based on the open-source thttpd. By careful optimization Premium thttpd can now saturate a 1000Mbps link using a single CPU.

Premium thttpd is available for EUR 300 per NIC, excluding VAT. For 5 and more licenses, the price is reduced to EUR 250.

Time-limited Demo: Click here. Don't forgot to mention the server's operating system.

Feature Comparison

Feature thttpd-2.23   Premium thttpd 5.8
Standards Compliance
  FastCGI Support - yes
HTTP/1.1 Persistent Connections - yes
HTTP/1.1 Pipelining - yes
HTTP/1.1 Byte Ranges Support
(e.g. for Acrobat PDF)
- yes
Advanced OS Mechanisms
  Zero-Copy Support
(Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD,
- yes
Large File Support (>2GB files) - yes
POSIX Realtime Signal Support - yes
/dev/poll and /dev/epoll Support
(Solaris and Linux 2.5)
- yes
FreeBSD kqueue Support yes yes
Architectural Improvements
  HTTP Header Caching - yes
Fast Accept Loop - yes
Periodic Connection Expiring - yes
Buffered Log File - yes
File Descriptor Cache - yes
Data Points
  Maximum Size of Dataset on IA32 1GB Unlimited
Maximum Bandwidth per CPU/NIC 100Mbps 1Gbps
More Features
  HTML Status File - yes
PHP Support - yes
Cache max-age setable per Extension - yes
URL-based Bandwidth Throttling yes yes
Flexible Referrer Checking yes yes
IPv6 Support yes yes
Work Securely in chroot() yes yes
Fast Mass Virtual Hosting yes yes
P3P Support yes yes

Premium thttpd
is used by

TDC, largest
Danish Telco


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